GB Aristocrats – Modern

One of my followers approached me recently with an interesting problem.  He wants to play a Green/Black Modern deck but doesn’t want to shell out for expensive staples like Tarmogoyf and Liliana of the Veil.  So, that is the challenge for this article.  Can we find a Golgari budget deck in Modern?

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Heroes and Villains

“Name one White villain in Magic,” says a random guy to his friend.  “Nahiri doesn’t count, because she was a hero first.” “It doesn’t matter that there aren’t any,” replies the friend.  “There could be one at some point.” This is a real conversation that I overheard between rounds of a Chaos Draft at a […]

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We Can Rebuild It

Back in November 2017, I played a Standard Grand Prix main event with Temur Energy.  I loved that deck, not because it was the best deck in the format, but because it was fun to play and highly interactive.  Then the unfortunate happened: The deck got banned out from under me in the January 2018 […]

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Lost and Found

It was announced recently that the Great Designer Search 3 is about to enter the public “shows” phase.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the contestants bring to the table and, in honor of this news, I’m doing something different today.  I’m going to walk you through my process as I create my own cards.

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Form Up Yargle-tron

There are times in Magic where a location, card, or character captures the hearts and minds of the community.  It doesn’t happen often but, when it does, it comes out of nowhere and has a life of its own.  Who among us doesn’t remember Fblthp fondly?  Well, it has happened again.  The clouds have parted, […]

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Weenie Roast

Dominaria is on the horizon, and I was looking through the spoilers, as I always do before a new set release.  There’s a lot there that speaks to my brewing instinct, but much of that is going to take some time to work up and will be coming later.  In the meantime, something with a […]

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Combustible Dinos

Everyone has their pet cards.  Those cards that just speak to them and that they always try to fit into a deck, if they can.  For SaffronOlive, it’s Panharmonicon.  For a friend of mine, it’s Siege Rhino.  For me, in Standard at the moment, that card is Combustible Gearhulk.  This card was my go-to in […]

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Swarm of Knowledge

Welcome back to another Commander deck tech.  Gods are always a popular choice for Commander, in part because they are difficult to deal with.  Another reason for their popularity is that they so often have a built-in game plan.  Ephara wants you to make creatures on every turn.  Bontu wants you to sacrifice creatures for […]

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