Lost and Found

It was announced recently that the Great Designer Search 3 is about to enter the public “shows” phase.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the contestants bring to the table and, in honor of this news, I’m doing something different today.  I’m going to walk you through my process as I create my own cards. […]

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Form Up Yargle-tron

There are times in Magic where a location, card, or character captures the hearts and minds of the community.  It doesn’t happen often but, when it does, it comes out of nowhere and has a life of its own.  Who among us doesn’t remember Fblthp fondly?  Well, it has happened again.  The clouds have parted, […]

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Weenie Roast

Dominaria is on the horizon, and I was looking through the spoilers, as I always do before a new set release.  There’s a lot there that speaks to my brewing instinct, but much of that is going to take some time to work up and will be coming later.  In the meantime, something with a […]

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Combustible Dinos

Everyone has their pet cards.  Those cards that just speak to them and that they always try to fit into a deck, if they can.  For SaffronOlive, it’s Panharmonicon.  For a friend of mine, it’s Siege Rhino.  For me, in Standard at the moment, that card is Combustible Gearhulk.  This card was my go-to in […]

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Swarm of Knowledge

Welcome back to another Commander deck tech.  Gods are always a popular choice for Commander, in part because they are difficult to deal with.  Another reason for their popularity is that they so often have a built-in game plan.  Ephara wants you to make creatures on every turn.  Bontu wants you to sacrifice creatures for […]

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Four Jaces

With the recent, high-profile unbanning of Jace, the Mind Sculptor, I figured it was about time to give our favorite Blue Planeswalker a little time in the spotlight for a change.  But how do we work such a powerful card into a deck?  Do we try for Grixis Control?  How about some kind of Sultai […]

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I said BURNwillows

As an avid brewer, I look at cards that have a distinct drawback and I think to myself how do I turn this into an advantage.  Having pulled a full play set of Grove of the Burnwillows from way too few packs of Iconic Masters, I have to ask myself: How can I get ahead […]

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The Forgotten GBx

If you play in the Modern format, then you have almost definitely run into one of the popular Green-Black-based Midrange decks.  When I started, the big one was Jund (GBR), but that seems to have shifted to Abzan (GBW) in recent days.  There is, however, a third combination that seems to have been left out […]

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The Final Countdown

Do you know what I love?  Super heroes.  Do you know what I love more than super heroes?  Super villains.  I am excited to let you all know that, not only does MTG include super villains, but they are legal in Commander for the next month.  In honor of this development, we’re building a deck […]

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